Come Flames [2​-​sided single]


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In both cases the lyrics came first which was kind of a new thing to me at the time. Last year I was on vacation in the northern part of Portugal, in Viana do Castelo, and there was this really tiny room on a fourth floor or something we were staying at. It had a charming little crt television on top of an ancient looking wooden side table and a very small window from which you could see the most beautiful scenery: a number of tile roofed low-rise houses paving the way for a hill dressed in green on top of which rested the stunning Santa Luzia Sanctuary. There had been this big fire in the district the day before (it was fire season) and by dusk the view from the window was shrouded with a densely eerie purple mist – quite the sight. While trying to fall asleep the birds outside chatted furiously as if both confused and angry with it all. The entire thing was remarkable and, perhaps not surprisingly, led to the writing of “Come Flames”. This is a place I want to come back to eventually. Hopefully it will inspire me to come up with something new again.

About a week later we made our way to the south and ended up in the city of Sines (a pretty metal name for a place on earth, I think). Not the most lively of towns, certainly not morally corrupted or reprehensible in any way, just generally uneventful. A good thing if you’re looking for some monotony. Two things stood out for me though: a wonderful, actually old-styled and traditional restaurant with delicious meals and great human beings to boot and a ridiculously kitsch hotel with the smallest bathroom sink I had ever seen in my life. Some rooms even had bidets right at the foot of the beds. Not something you see every day. Put “Little Town” on paper right before we got on the bus for the journey home. The cats were fatter and the house needed some cleaning. All was well with the world.

Loures, 7 de abril de 2017

HOOFMARK would like to show its honest appreciation and thanks to Filipa Vargas, Nelson Calvinho, Jiné Lourenço Costa, Sid Camarinha, Vanda Duarte, Hugo Andremon, Jorge Lopes Fernandes, Nuno Fonseca, all the good people of Viana do Castelo and Sines for the inspiration, my family and everyone who supported HOOFMARK’s debut demo.

Listen to Satan Made Me Do It! Shouts to Decayed, Disthrone and Midnite Madness!

Next on the list is an actual LP. Expect some of the purest mixtures of metal and country you have ever listened to or ever will! Keep up with HOOFMARK on facebook at, instagram at, or contact me on Finally, head over to for a bit of literature.

HOOFMARK is strictly AGAINST nazis, homophobes, transphobes, sexist douchebags and bigots. All narrow-mindedness remains unwelcome!

PS A vinyl version of this single will be made available sometime in the future.


released April 27, 2017

Produced, engineered and mastered by Sid at Brugo Studio, Lisbon, Portugal
Acoustic guitar and bass recorded live at Brugo Studio in November 25, 2016
Electric guitar, tambourine and claps recorded in December 9, 2016
Howls recorded in March 11, 2017
All selections composed by Nuno Ramos for HOOFMARK
Acoustic and electric guitars, howls, tambourine and claps performed by Nuno Ramos
Bass performed by Jiné Lourenço Costa
Additional electric guitar performed by Sid
HOOFMARK logo, symbol and illustration by Filipa Vargas
Photograph by Filipa Vargas
Design and layout by Filipa Vargas


all rights reserved



HOOFMARK Lisbon, Portugal

HOOFMARK exclusively play a primitive brand of lo-fi heavy metal and unrefined porch music called the Evil Blues.

Together with its visual crudeness and unaffected imagery, HOOFMARK looks to explore the themes of life and death, good and evil, idolatry and myth.

Debut album coming in 2019.
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Track Name: Come Flames
The temple’s lights shut down, the rocks and sand are drowned
Darkness spread across the sea
And the seagulls sang of old tragedies with the pigeons

The bridge stands tall and strong, but listening to that song
Makes its iron run weak
And from the smallest window he witnessed grand memories

Oh come flames, like echoes from a church bell
Like glass on skin
Won’t you get along?
Can your warmness do wrong on these sandy beaches?

The caveman heard him say, “You will never see the light of day”
And he laughed quite intensely
You see, in the end, whatever is you defend there is nothing I can borrow from you

But we can always have some fun, huh? Ready?
Track Name: Little Town
An ugly carpet hangs on the wall
The bathroom sink is just too damn small
But that’s fine
Yeah, that’s fine

The wood is all just cracks and creaks
This room just all kinda stinks
Still, it’s mine
Yes, still it’s mine

Little town, so old and brown
All I want to see is ahead of me

These roads, they run far and wide
Where they lead, what I’ll find
I don’t know
Don’t wanna know

So I’ll follow me ‘till the end
With you by my side, old friend
It’s been a while
Been a long while
I'm glad you came

Little town, so old and brown
All I want to see is ahead of me
Little town, so old and brown
Since I left you there’s been no way but down
Since I left you there’s been no way but down

Bottoms up, thrash around!

We’re just getting started here, friends. And we’ll see you soon. Hoo-yeh!

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